Services - Waveland Property Group, Inc.
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Real Estate


The growth of Waveland can be attributed to the fact that we understand that we are working for the landlord and for the tenant at the same time. By providing the highest, yet most affordable services to our large tenant base, we simultaneously solidify the real estate returns of our investors. We provide a range of services to accomplish this goal.


Property Management

We have a philosophy that happy tenants make for happy landlords. By learning a property thoroughly, developing a thoughtful budget, utilizing our extensive team of vendors, and treating the tenants with respect, we have great success in filling up properties and keeping them that way. We treat the properties as if they were our own, and it shows.

Property Leasing

A great property with an average leasing team can still be a problem. At Waveland, we focus on a few select areas of the market and learn them well. We actively pursue quality tenants rather than hoping they will come to us. We are respected in the brokerage community and pride ourselves on our leasing network. We get leases signed.

Tenant Representation

Are you considering a move? Waveland is able to help a commercial or medical tenant determine their real estate needs, to view spaces, to negotiate an aggressive lease and to act as a team member from start to finish; all at no cost to you. The brokerage fees are covered by the future landlord. We are ready to help you find an excellent lease in a great location.


Waveland is qualified to handle a wide-variety of real estate assignments. We have a strong track record of construction management and are well prepared to handle financial assignments, lease administration, receiverships, market surveys, and third-party consulting. Just let us know how we can help you.

Adversarial relationships between tenants and landlords should be a thing of the past. We constantly remind ourselves that we are service providers and our tenants are customers. They deserve that respect.

Jonathan Swindle
President, WPG